A Victim of a Traffic Incident Can Get Help by Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Tucson, AZ

Many car accidents occur when road conditions are poor because of a storm or when an individual is not paying attention while they are behind the wheel. If an innocent person is injured in an accident, they may be worried about how they will handle medical and vehicle repair costs. The tips below will assist accident victims.

Obtain Information from the Other Party and File a Report

If the person responsible for an accident stopped their vehicle, the injured individual can attempt to collect personal information from that party. Insurance information and addresses should be exchanged so an insurance claim can be filed.

A police report should be made soon after an accident occurs. Both parties will be questioned, and an officer will provide individuals with a copy of a report. A report may be needed if a court case is filed and an individual needs to prove their innocence.

Seek Medical Care and Speak with an Accident Attorney

An injured party can request an ambulance be dispatched to their location. After being transported to a local hospital, injuries will be treated. Before leaving a hospital, an injured person should obtain a copy of their medical records so they can present an accident attorney with proof of their injuries.

An accident attorney from Price and Price Law Office or another office will meet with the individual to discuss what occurred and explain how they will handle the situation so the injured person can receive justice.

If the victim’s vehicle is damaged and cannot be driven, a car accident attorney in Tucson, AZ can contact an insurance agency and inquire about obtaining a rental vehicle for their client.

Stay in Contact with an Insurance Agent and Attend a Hearing

Victims should remain in contact with an insurance agent so they are aware of what type of help they will receive with automotive repairs. An insurance adjuster will need to meet with the individual prior to approving an insurance claim.

If a vehicle cannot be fixed, an owner may receive compensation so they can purchase another vehicle. A car accident attorney in Tucson, AZ will prepare a victim’s case and schedule a date for a court hearing. If a client wins, they may be reimbursed for medical bills.

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