Reasons to Consider a Collaborative Divorce

Years ago, there was only a single way to become divorced. It involved traditional litigation. However, as time has moved on, alternatives have come up that give divorcing couples new options. One of those is known as collaborative divorce, which may be an excellent fit for your separation.

What Collaborative Divorce Is

When choosing a collaborative divorce, each person chooses from collaborative lawyers in Chicago. You will have meetings with your attorney, while also having meetings with your attorney, spouse, and spouse’s attorney. A facilitator and a financial professional will also be present while negotiating an agreement. If an agreement comes together, the divorce will be uncontested, and the agreement signed by a judge.

Less Conflict

One of the perks of this type of divorce is that there is less conflict. Rather than fighting against each other like a traditional divorce, you’ll be working together as a team to create the outcome that is wanted. This is an especially significant benefit when there are children involved, as the fighting between parents can cause them stress and depression.

Higher Level of Control

When you have a traditional divorce, most of the major decisions are determined by a judge. This is not the case with a collaborative divorce. You will be involved in coming up with solutions to problems that will ensure the best possible future for everyone involved.

Lower Cost

When you chose collaborative lawyers in Chicago, you will often save a significant amount of money. There is no need for a discovery process looking for hidden property or assets. There are also fewer issues of other sorts to worry about. You also save costs on other professionals since you and your spouse can use the same ones.

Quicker Process

With a traditional divorce, the proceedings can take months or even years. Collaborative divorce will take less time. This also means that any children are going to spend less time stressed about the process. It means, for you, that you can more quickly begin the next phase of your life in whatever way you choose.

Unique Solutions

With collaborative divorce, you get to determine solutions that meet the exact needs of your family. Many times, the best agreement is one that a judge would not come up with without you. This way you get the best possible results.

Collaborative Solutions

At Michael C. Craven, Partner, Harrison, & Held, LLP, we offer collaborative solutions for divorce, along with other family law services.

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