2 Valid Reasons to Change a Hillsboro, MO Child Custody Arrangement

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Lawyers

At the time of the divorce, the child custody agreement seemed to be the best solution for your child. Since that time, things have changed. However, you are now wondering if modifying the arrangement would be best.

The following are two of the more common reasons why a non-custodial parent may want to talk to a child custody lawyer Hillsboro, MO about making a change or two.

Your Child Is Living in a Dangerous Environment

There are indications that your child is residing in a dangerous setting. The danger may be in the form of neglect, physical abuse, or emotional abuse. Before taking any type of action, it makes sense to consult with a child custody lawyer in Hillsboro, MO and determine if the information you have is sufficient for asking the court to modify the original arrangement.

Your Child Wishes to Live with the Non-Custodial Parent

Your child has reached an age in which they would prefer to live with you. Meeting with a child custody lawyer in Hillsboro, MO will confirm if the child’s current age and the reasons for wanting to make the change are enough for the court to authorize such modification. If so, then the lawyer can prepare the necessary documents and forward them to the court. If the court agrees that the modification is in the best interests of the child, the petition is likely to be approved.

The fact that you’re the non-custodial parent does not mean all of your rights are waived. If you honestly believe that your child would be safer and happier with you, seek legal counsel today.

Call Wegmann Law Firm to discuss the possibility of changes to your current child custody arrangement.

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