3 Social Security Disability Facts

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Attorney

If you become disabled, you have the opportunity to apply for disability benefits. If you hope to receive social security disability benefits, there are few parameters you have to meet in order to qualify. The process requires you to provide proof of your disability, for example. You can apply alone or you can hire the services of a Chicago social security disability attorney.

There are pros to having a law professional guiding through your process. Here are three social security disability facts to consider.

What are Social Security Disability Benefits?

Social security disability benefits are funded through deductions made from employees’ paychecks every pay period. These funds are meant for individuals who have earned an income as an employee and can no longer work due to becoming severely disabled. There are a number of benefits that get paid out by the federal government, so you must be sure you are applying for the correct disbursement. An attorney can help ensure you apply for the correct benefits by examining your situation and circumstances.

Evaluation Process

When you apply for social security disability benefits, you are going to be asked several questions. The goal, again, is to simply ensure you are applying for the correct disbursements. You will be asked if you are currently working and the severity of your disability. You will be asked if you can continue doing the work you previously completed as well as if you can complete any other kind of work.


Once your paperwork is filled out and you have been evaluated, the total process time lasts from three to five months. For this reason, if you are disabled, you are advised to apply as soon as the disability occurs.

For more information, contact Chicago social security disability attorney Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd.

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