A Basic Guide to Hiring an Experienced Highland Park Collaborative Divorce Attorney

For most, undergoing a divorce can be a harrowing process. To help you through this emotionally difficult experience, seek out the services of an experienced legal counsel. Here’s a basic guide on how to find collaborative divorce attorneys in Highland Park to help you:

Start with referrals

Ask trusted friends and family for advice and suggestions on which lawyers to hire. You might come across a handy referral or two. If that doesn’t give you anything useful, you could always take your search online. Look for practicing lawyers in your area. That should be a good place to start.

Credentials checklist

Always hire a lawyer with the right credentials. Make sure your legal counsel is board-certified. But don’t just go for any lawyer. There are attorneys that specialize in divorce cases so it’s best to consult with them rather than go to general practitioners. Factor in their experience as well and opt for someone with a successful track record for settling cases in court, says Michael C. Craven of Divorce Lawyers Chicago.

Ask questions

Expect your lawyer to ask a ton of questions. However, make sure you get a word in edgewise too. Bring a list of questions that cover all the pertinent issues and information you want to know. That way, even if you forget or miss something, you’ll have your handy list to remind you.

What about backup?

What happens if you need immediate attention? Will another lawyer be there to offer assistance and support? You want to make sure that if anything comes up in your case, that your lawyer or the law firm will have other equally qualified collaborative divorce attorneys in Highland Park available to help you.

Finding the right legal help is important in ensuring your rights are protected throughout the divorce. From legal options about property division to getting custody of your child, your lawyer is there to assist you in dealing with all the legal aspects of your separation the soonest and most efficient way possible.

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