A Brief Guide to the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Claim Process

A Brief Guide to the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Claim Process

No one ever plans to get hurt on the job, but accidents happen. Each day, people go to work and don’t come home the same. When handling a work-related injury, the process may seem foreign to some. Most people don’t know exactly how this area of law works, but a workers compensation lawyer Granite City IL can help. Read on to learn how to handle a worker’s comp claim.

Notify a Manager

An important step in retaining the right to file a worker’s compensation claim is notifying a manager. Your employer may have signs posted about the right person to notify. If you’re unsure, notify an HR representative or a supervisor.

Get Medical Help

Depending on the nature of the injury, you may require immediate medical care. If the incident was severe, you may not be able to report it right away. This is quite common and it will not keep you from filing a legal claim. To be eligible, you’ll have to seek medical treatment at a clinic, hospital, chiropractor’s office, or primary care physician’s office.

Work Through the Entire Process

When you’ve received preliminary medical care and notified your employer of the injury, the manager will forward the claim to the company’s worker’s compensation insurer. The provider and your employer will consider this the first report of an occupational injury. This is the official account of the incident and it will be useful to your workers compensation lawyer Granite City IL.

Being injured on the job is a frightening prospect, but you don’t have to deal with it alone. Visit the firm at the website or call today to request a consultation.

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