A Domestic Violence Attorney Should Be Hired for Defense Against This Charge

by | Feb 8, 2016 | Lawyers

Domestic Violence is more than just a simple argument between two people in a relationship, it has long-standing criminal aspects that include prohibiting an individual from owning a gun or possessing one. A domestic violence criminal charge can be filed if there is a threat of violence or actual physical violence has occurred. This would have to include a spouse, family member or an individual that is residing in the same household. Domestic violence is about controlling another individual including stalking them. Assault, felonious assault and murder can all be characterized as domestic violence in addition to the other criminal charge.

A domestic violence charge in Ohio for the first offense is only a misdemeanor, but any subsequent charges for it can be charged as a felony. A misdemeanor or a felony will remain on an individual’s record forever, which is why hiring a domestic violence attorney should be a top priority if someone’s been arrested for this type of crime. Domestic violence charges usually have a unique set of circumstances and an attorney will review all of them with their client. It’s important in this type of case to be completely honest with the attorney so the best possible outcome can be achieved through their defense skills.

In addition to a criminal charge of domestic violence, there may be a Criminal Protection Order and a Civil Protection Order. A Criminal Protection Order will expire at the close of the case and sometimes before. A Civil Protection Order can be granted and last for five years and can result in additional criminal charges if the protection order is violated. These are the very reasons why an individual must hire a domestic violence attorney as soon as criminal charges or a civil case is filed. Their knowledge with the law will help to protect the legal interests of the individual that has been charged and work vigorously to have the charges reduced or eliminated.

If you’ve found yourself in a situation with any type of domestic violence issues, don’t attempt to represent yourself.

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