A Drunk Driving Attorney In Mayville WI Should Be Contacted If You’ve Been Arrested

If a driver over the age of 21 operates a vehicle with a blood or breath alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or more, it is considered illegal and they can be arrested for drunk driving. If they’re under the influence of an intoxicant and have a detectable amount of a restricted controlled substance or under the influence of a controlled substance, it is also illegal and considered operating while intoxicated (OWI). After the first conviction for driving intoxicated, the penalties will continue to increase. A Drunk Driving Attorney in Mayville WI can represent someone for an OWI and it’s important to begin fighting as quickly as possible against these charges.

The first arrest and conviction can lead to forfeiture and license revocation and high fines. Drunk driving penalties will continue to increase and a conviction can lead to six years in imprison, a three-year license revocation and the possible seizure of a vehicle. It doesn’t matter that someone doesn’t think they were drunk or under the influence while driving. Once someone has been arrested for this type of offense, a strong and experienced Drunk Driving Attorney in Mayville WI should be contacted to begin protecting their rights.

The attorney will review the circumstances surrounding the arrest and determine if the individual was lawfully pulled over. A minor mistake could result in the evidence being suppressed and a possible acquittal. If the evidence isn’t very sound, the attorney could decide to see the case through a court hearing or attempt to receive a favorable plea deal. After someone’s arrested, they will have an arraignment hearing and it’s important to have an experienced attorney at that hearing. At this hearing, the attorney will discuss the evidence with the prosecutor and will be able to make a safe determination how the case may possible progress.

Being arrested and losing your license could change your life forever. It could limit your ability to travel to work or take care of your family. QBS Law S.C. Beaver Dam WI has extensive experience representing clients that have been arrested for driving under the influence. They know what to look for during the arrest and will use their experience and knowledge to get the best possible outcome possible for your case.

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