A Family Law Firm in Naples Represents Clients in Matters of Child Custody and Visitation

A Family Law Firm in Naples can represent a husband or wife in a dissolution of marriage case, which is the legal term for divorce in Florida. Sometimes, there are disagreements over child custody that the spouses cannot seem to overcome. Mediation sessions may be useful to help the two individuals work out an agreement instead of going to court and having a judge decide the issue.

Being Fully Involved

Family court judges have increasingly become aware of how difficult high-conflict divorces are for children. Usually, the court encourages the parents to share physical custody if possible and if convenient for the youngsters. If this won’t work, they should both be fully involved in the children’s lives. That can also be difficult if the two have reached a point where they get into a fight whenever they are together.

Sharing Custody or Having Liberal Visitation

An attorney with a Family Law Firm in Naples can assist the couple with ways to share custody, to a certain extent, or to manage visitation without volatile scenes. One method that has proven very effective is an online calendar that allows the two parents to schedule time with the kids without actually having to contact each other. A basic shared custody or visitation schedule is documented with the court, and the online calendar lets parents request temporary changes. The parents are strongly encouraged to accommodate each other when they can, as doing so is in the best interests of the children.

Assistance for Future Problems

One of the spouses may need assistance from his or her lawyer in the future regarding custody or visitation problems. The other parent may be violating the terms of the agreement too often, such as not returning the children on time or, conversely, routinely canceling visitation weekends.

Sometimes the situation becomes even more problematic. One parent may find out the other is drinking heavily or using recreational drugs even when the children are there. That parent may be neglecting the kids, which forces them to use whatever food is in the house to make their meals. An organization like the Law Office Of James W. Chandler P.A. is ready to help.

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