A Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Charles, IL Will Negotiate a Larger Settlement

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Lawyers

After an accident that left an individual with serious injuries, the last thing they should worry about is negotiating a settlement for their injuries with an insurance company. When a victim attempts to negotiate a settlement on their own, the insurance company will try various techniques to force the victim to settle for less than they could receive. Victims should hire a personal injury lawyer in St. Charles, IL to negotiate their settlement because it will not cost them any money for their services.

A personal injury lawyer works on a contingency fee basis and will provide a victim with a free consultation to discuss their case. During the free consultation, the lawyer will evaluate the merits of the case and inform the individual whether they have a case against another party. The attorney will only be paid a percentage of a final settlement from an insurance company.

Following an Accident

It is very important that an injured person never accepts blame for their injuries. The less an individual says to the police, ambulance personnel, or medical personnel, the better. Anything a victim says might be documented and used against them later.

Contact from the Insurance Company

Within a day or two after an accident, the insurance company will contact a victim to gain as much information as possible. They will act as though they are very concerned about the victim and want to record the call. A victim should never agree to record the telephone call because anything they say could be used against them in the settlement process.

Protecting a Victim

A personal injury lawyer in St. Charles, IL should be contacted as soon as possible after an accident. They will only supply the insurance company with the information they need and protect a victim’s rights. A victim needs to focus on healing from their injuries and not answering unnecessary questions or be pressured by the insurance company.

When you hire a personal injury lawyer to protect your rights and negotiate a settlement, you can spend your time focusing on recovering from this traumatic experience. The Cosentino Law Firm, LLC has many years of experience successfully representing personal injury victims and should be contacted immediately following an accident.

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