A San Francisco CA Trust Attorney Helps to Protect Your Wishes

If you plan on setting up a trust for any reasons in San Francisco CA, then you need a San Francisco CA trust attorney to help. If you want to make sure that the trust is set up right and that it is enforceable, then, get an expert around.

Why Do You Need a Trust Attorney?

There is a wide range of reasons that people turn to a trust attorney to help them plan their future. Unfortunately, far too many people believe that only the very wealthy need the support of a trust attorney in San Francisco CA. While it is true that the more complicated your estate the more you need an attorney, it is also true that anyone can take advantage of these services. Below are improtant reasons you may want to consider setting up a trust with an attorney:

  • You want to dictate when and how your beneficiaries will receive a part of your estate
  • You do not have minor children that need to be considered (that would be a will)
  • You want to lower estate taxes
  • You want to avoid the long probate process for your family

Anyone that would like a little more control of their assets for the future is a good candidate for setting up a trust. It helps you to outline more specifically how you would like your assets divided and your wishes upheld.

Is a Trust Right for You?

The only way to know whether you should be setting up a trust or if what you want to accomplish is better done with a will is to speak to an attorney that specializes in trusts and wills. A good option is the Von Rock Law, PC! Get the information you need and the support you want to protect your final wishes!

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