A Site Injury Lawyer in New London, CT Can Provide Advice After a Construction Accident

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Lawyers

Construction site injuries are any that are sustained during completion of a construction job. Because these sites are inherently dangerous, construction companies are required to comply with OSHA rules. Site injuries and accidents occur due to various hazards faced by construction workers on a daily basis.

The Most Common Construction Site Injuries

The most common injuries occurring on construction sites are:

• Harm from a falling object

• A slip-and-fall injury due to power tool handling

• Neck and back injuries from heavy lifting

• Exposure hazards related to asbestos and chemicals

Due to some projects’ nature, injuries are often quite severe or even fatal. Some construction site injures may arise over an extended period rather than from an isolated incident. Repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel and hand/arm vibration syndrome can arise from prolonged use of power and conventional tools.

Who Is Responsible for Construction Injuries?

Depending on the construction company’s size, various parties could be held liable for injuries including landowners, engineers, contractors, construction managers, vendors and equipment suppliers. The party in control of the job at the time of the injury is typically held liable for injuries; liability can also depend on delegation of authority.

Can Construction Site Owners Limit Liability?

Many construction jobs have a “work at your own risk” policy. If a plaintiff causes their own injury, they and their site injury lawyer in New London, CT may encounter difficulty in making an economic recovery. Construction companies can limit their liability by providing adequate warnings to notify workers and pedestrians of dangers present on the site.

Recovering from a Construction Accident

A third party, employee, or passerby can recover for a construction site injury in a variety of ways, such as:

• Documenting injuries and seeking prompt medical attention

• Reporting the injury to the site manager or employer

• Getting the names and contact information of witnesses

• Retaining injury and accident-related evidence

• Taking photos of the dangerous site, the injury, and anything else related to the case

Does an Injury Victim Need an Attorney?

Site injuries often involve complex legal matters that sometimes overlap, and victims may need a lawyer’s help in filing an injury lawsuit. Clients can visit the website of Stephen M. Reck to schedule a consultation. A site injury lawyer in New London, CT can help a victim determine accident liability and legal remedies, and they can provide legal representation in the courtroom.

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