A Traffic Defense Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI Helps Clients With a Variety of Citations

The most common way people get into legal trouble is through incidents that occur when they are driving. Sometimes the offense could be considered relatively minor, such as making a U-turn where this action is prohibited. As the actions become more potentially dangerous, fines become steeper and more points are added to the person’s driver’s license. A Traffic Defense Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI can help clients who have gotten into this kind of legal trouble and want to have the offense dismissed or reduced to a lesser citation.

Forfeiture Violations

Obviously, most traffic citations are not criminal offenses unless the driver causes an accident that seriously harms another person. Nevertheless, they do involve breaking the law. In Wisconsin, relatively minor traffic offenses are technically known as forfeiture violations. Examples of these types of infractions include operating a vehicle faster than the speed limit allows and making a right turn at a red light without coming to a full, complete stop first.

Reckless Driving

An exception to the forfeiture violation consideration is reckless driving, for which a citation can be issued even if nobody was harmed. In Wisconsin, this is a criminal offense because of how dangerous this behavior is. A person charged with reckless driving may want to hire a Traffic Defense Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI in the effort to have the charge or case dismissed, or to plead the charge down to a lesser offense.


The consequences of any traffic offense can be costly. Monetary penalties can be difficult to afford. Fines for speeding start at around $200 and go up from there. The addition of points to the license poses the risk of the license being suspended with one more traffic offense. That can be a significant hardship to many people who don’t have somebody available to drive them around as needed.

Legal Representation

Legal representation is available with a firm such as QBS Law S.C. The attorneys analyze the facts of the case as presented by law enforcement records and the statement from the client. They then can decide on the most effective defense strategy for this particular situation. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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