A Work Injury Accident Attorney in Granite City, IL Represents Farm Employees Not Covered by Workers’ Comp

Illinois has one of the broadest workers’ compensation benefits systems, requiring nearly all employers to carry insurance that pays employees injured on the job. Not all agricultural enterprises are required to have the insurance, however, leaving their seasonal workers vulnerable to financial ruin if they are injured. A work injury accident attorney in Granite City, IL represents clients who were seriously hurt while working on farms.


Just because the state doesn’t mandate workers’ comp coverage for certain businesses doesn’t let them off the hook if an employee is injured at work. The worker can file a lawsuit, and if he or she wins, the farm owner will typically be liable for a large amount of money to pay for medical bills and lost wages.

Workers’ Comp vs. Liability Insurance

Agricultural businesses can choose to carry workers’ comp insurance even if they are not required to. Their other option is to include coverage for worker injuries in their farm liability policy. Farm owners are encouraged to choose workers’ compensation even though it costs more.

With liability insurance, the worker must prove the employer’s negligence caused the injury. A work injury accident attorney in Granite City, IL builds the case against the farm owner to show why the farm was responsible for the accident and not the worker.

The problem may have been malfunctioning equipment, for example. The worker may have been ordered to do a task that was unsafe, or the worker may not have been provided with safety gear as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The worker’s comp system is more streamlined since the employee doesn’t have to prove fault. It also doesn’t put farmers at risk of having to pay a substantial amount of money from their assets.

Concluding Thoughts

Nevertheless, many business owners choose not to purchase workers’ comp because it’s more expensive than liability insurance. And, some take the risk of not including a provision for worker injuries. A farm worker who has been hurt in a job-related accident may contact an organization such as the Law Office of Keith Short for assistance. Learn about us on the website.

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