An Accident Lawyer in College Park Represents Clients Hurt Near Construction Sites

An Accident Lawyer in College Park represents clients who have been harmed because of the negligence or recklessness of another person. That person may be a vehicle driver, the owner or manager of a business, or the owner of a property. Sometimes accidents happen around construction sites to people who are not working there. Contractors try to keep the area as safe as possible for passersby, but sometimes those safeguards are not effective enough. Falling objects from heights, for instance, can obviously cause serious injury to someone walking underneath.

Contractors commonly block off sidewalks so pedestrians cannot walk under a construction zone, but it’s not always possible to block-long stretches of a sidewalk. In addition, pedestrians are allowed to walk alongside the barriers, and unfortunate incidents can still happen. Sometimes an investigation finds that the barriers were not placed far enough away from the site to prevent an accident. Incidents occur in which debris falls from the building and lands outside the barriers. Even if it doesn’t hit someone while falling, it may still create a situation in which a bicyclist is unable to avoid crashing into it.

The injured person may hire an Accident Lawyer in College Park to negotiate a fair settlement or to start a lawsuit against the company. In worst-case scenarios, a person is killed or suffers a debilitating brain injury. That leaves family members to work with the attorney to obtain a wrongful death settlement or compensation that fully addresses the injury. A person with this type of brain injury may remain unconscious and never wake up again, but the nursing facility where he or she stays must be paid.

Situations in which an accident occurred to someone near a construction site are considered a breach of duty by the company as long as the individual was not acting in a risky manner. Ignoring barriers and walking inside the prohibited zone can result in an injury, but the contractor and the company’s insurer may not be liable. Sometimes the insurer disputes whether the injured person was acting within reasonable guidelines. A firm such as the Jaklitsch Law Group can help by providing legal representation to the accident victim.

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