An Attorney Handling Family Law in Rochester, MN Explains What Divorce Cannot Do

An Attorney Handling Family Law in Rochester, MN Explains What Divorce Cannot Do

Individuals often file for divorce with certain expectations in mind. However, the court is not present once the divorce is complete and each partner needs to recognize this. Following are some things the court has little control over once the dissolution of the marriage is finalized.

Civility on the Part of Former Spouses

While a court can determine child custody and visitation, this does not mean the parents will be civil when they meet. The court order is nothing more than a sheet of paper and cannot control the actions of the adults involved. Parents must keep this in mind and find a way to deal with each other civilly when they meet to ensure the children have access to both parents after the split. Don’t assume both parties will do this, however, and speak to an attorney handling¬†Family Law in Rochester MN if help is needed in this area.

The Standard of Living of Each Spouse

Spouses who divorce often find their standard of living declines. Two people sharing expenses are able to live for less. Once a couple separates, each must pay their own bills, as there are now two electric bills, water bills, mortgages, etc. The court cannot do anything about this and partners need to understand this fact before they separate and determine how they will live and meet their bills once the actual separation occurs.

Emotional Issues

Divorce brings on its own set of issues. Partners often have to deal with feelings of failure, as the marriage didn’t make it, and one or both partners may experience guilt for their role in the breakup. The divorce won’t erase these feelings or lessen them. For this reason, partners must accept they may need to seek counseling to move forward with life.

Equal Shares

Finally, couples must recognize that equal division when it comes to the children and assets simply isn’t possible. The court looks at the facts of the case and makes the best determination possible based on the information provided. One partner will get more time with the kids or be able to maintain a higher standard of living, for example. This is simply the reality of divorce.

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