Applying For Disability Benefits

People who feel they qualify for Social Security disability benefits can get them by applying for them; they can make the initial application in person, over the phone or on the internet; sounds simple enough.

If the application is completed properly and all supporting data is in order the applicant can expect a reply, the replay will either be yes; the application is approved or no; it has not. Unfortunately, the latter is more often the case; about three quarters of all applicants are denied benefits. For those that are accepted they will receive back pay based on the date of their application and a monthly check until such time as they can return to work.

For the majority who are denied they are facing a long, drawn out appeals process, this is when they should hire a Social Security attorney in Rockford.

The appeals process:

Your Social Security attorney in Rockford will help you through the various levels of the appeals process. At any stage the denial of benefits can be overturned.

Reconsideration: At this stage the initial application is simply resubmitted, it is reviewed by a different party. Denial rates at this stage are even higher than the average, hitting about 85 percent.

Hearing: When it reaches this stage the applicant and his or her attorney go before an administrative law judge. The applicant can offer supporting evidence of the disability can bring expert supporting witnesses and will have the opportunity to answer any questions the judge may have.

Appeals Council: The decision of the administrative law judge may not be positive, if it is not and the claimant wishes to pursue the case further he or she can elevate it to the appeals council. The council can only do one of three things; deny it again, send the case back to the judge or elect to hear the case and decide itself.

If none of these steps results in a favorable outcome the final recourse is to sue in federal court.

Why is it beneficial to have an attorney?

Claim denials at the time the applicant first applies and at the reconsideration stage are very high, the hearing and subsequent appeals can be quite complex.

Having a seasoned Social Security in Rockford can be very helpful, greatly increasing the chance of a reversal of initial refusal. The attorney will gather supporting medical data and file the requests for appeal properly and in a timely fashion. When you appear before the administrative law judge you will be prepared to answer the judge’s questions honestly and convincingly.

Making application for disability benefits can be quite complicated; it is advisable to hire a Social Security attorney in Rockford early in the process. Contact The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown and ask to have your case evaluated.

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