Are the Shifts in Employee Coverage Changing the Way Workers Compensation Attorneys Make a Case?

by | Jan 6, 2016 | Lawyers

The system in small businesses has always been directly related to the cost. The price has been the leading force for how employers provide worker’s compensation. But, that desire is arguably disappearing or being re-prioritized. The focus in small businesses has been more focused on the outcome. Is the employee receiving benefits that actually benefit the company? What is the outcome of a new benefits package on the functionality of the company? It is less about the direct impact on the bottom line. Companies are taking a broader approach in this outcome-based model.

The overall tone of a lawsuit in a workers’ compensation case is shifting along with it. In the majority of instances, the workers’ compensation attorneys will corroborate with the insurance company providing the benefits. The insurance company is apt to not pay, discount compensation, and cause alarm for an individual injured on the job. But, the employers may actually have a huge impact in how the case is resolved.

Companies are realizing that managing all disability is better for their business growth. It offers protection for their employees and fosters company loyalty. By extension, turnover is decreased and money is saved. But, their approach with taking on multiple factions of disability introduces other insurance parties. It also makes them more responsible for keeping information updated and keeping their employees properly covered.

A company may have an opt-in or opt-out offer for their employees. That can apply to workers’ compensation. But, they have introduced other offers involving different components of disability (i.e psychological treatment, family handicapped benefits). They must now work within the law in offering these policies. For one, they need to be equally available to all employees of the same work status. They also need to be maintained. In short, the employer is bringing out more variables that would have been omitted in years past due to the overwhelming focus on workers’ compensation only.

A typical case with workers’ compensation attorneys will target the insurance company. Yet, this shift is suggesting that the employer or policyholder may be more directly involved with the details of the policy and the case. Visit to learn about workers’ compensation and the new trends in employment insurance.

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