Benefits Of Hiring An Auto Accident Injury Attorney Saint Paul

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Lawyers

Car accidents can be very scary. The victim of an accident can suffer from physical trauma, mental anguish, and there can be serious financial setbacks. If a person is a victim of a car accident that was not their fault, they should be compensated for their financial loss and their pain and suffering. One way to ensure compensation is to hire an Auto Accident Injury Attorney Saint Paul. There are several things that an attorney can do to help.

Assessment of the Case

An auto accident injury attorney in Saint Paul would review all of the facts surrounding the accident, to determine whether or not the victim has a case. They would also go over the victim’s medical records, medical bills, the time they missed from work due to their injuries, and the estimate to have their car repaired. The attorney would use this information to come up with a dollar amount that would fairly compensate the victim.

Assistance in Negotiations

After an accident, it is not uncommon for the insurance company for the responsible party to reach out to the victim to offer them a settlement. In most cases, the settlement amount offered will be much less than the victim deserves. Because the insurance company doesn’t waste any time offering the settlement, the victim may not even know the full extent of their injuries when the amount is offered. When the victim hires an attorney, they will have someone with legal knowledge, who can negotiate a fair settlement for them.

Representation in Court

If the two parties were unable to come to an agreement regarding the victim’s compensation, the case would go before a judge and jury to make a determination. When the victim has an attorney, they will have someone to prepare the strongest case possible. The attorney would gather a great deal of information, including the police report, witness statements, and statements from the victim’s doctor and employer. This information would be presented to the court, to show the jury that the victim deserves to be compensated.

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