Can A Social Security Lawyer Help In My Case?

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Article Legal

In the event you suffer from a physical or mental disability the hardships that you and your family may face can be overwhelming. The loss of income is bad enough but there will be added expenses such as medical treatment, drugs, and there will be nagging concerns about how to keep up with the daily expenses of simply living. These are but a few of the possible hardships you may face. It is at this time that Social Security disability payments can become a lifesaver.

Although there is nothing that stops an applicant for disability benefits from applying on his or her own, there are numerous reasons why hiring a Social Security lawyer in Stanton may be the better choice.

A seasoned Social Security lawyer, using his knowledge and expertise can guide an applicant through the complexities of applying for benefits. The lawyer can help you to better understand the programs, what it takes to qualify and whether it is just you or can other family members be eligible for dependent benefits.

Gathering supporting documentation and evidence:

To stand a good chance of being approved, a claim must be backed up with a great deal of supporting medical evidence. This evidence, along with other pertinent records is necessary to support your claim. Your lawyer knows what is required and can help in gathering it from the doctors and other medical personnel that have been involved in your situation.

Deal with denials and appeals:

Even with help from the best Social Security lawyer in Stanton, there is always a chance your application will be denied. Your lawyer will immediately file an appeal.

Having legal representation during your appearance before an Administrative Law Judge can be extremely helpful, the court appearance will be less intimidating for you as you know your lawyer is there to look after your interests.

If you are planning to apply for Social Security disability benefits you will be better off when you hire a Social Security lawyer in Stanton. You are invited to discuss the details of your case with the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.

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