Car Accident Attorneys in Bellingham for When Distractions Get in the Way of Good Judgment

Many people believe drugs and alcohol are the leading causes of death on America’s roadways these days. They’re not. Others insist speed is the top reason why so many people are killed and injured in crashes each year. This isn’t the case either. According to the latest reports from a number of agencies, driver distractions are now the number one factor in motor vehicle incidents. Car accident attorneys in Bellingham see countless catalysts in this category while they’re fighting for victims’ rights, but some stand out from the rest.


Kids argue, tussle over toys and sometimes come to blows in the back seat during even the shortest of road trips; it’s a fact of life. On top of that, what parent hasn’t been tempted to reach around and retrieve a dropped sippy cup or fumble for a lost pacifier on behalf of a heartbroken infant? Breaking up a backseat battle and aiding a little one in need may be routine tasks, but they can change numerous lives in a single instant.


Smartphones certainly come into play here with texts, calls, emails and social media being such common aspects of modern-day life. Car radios haven’t fallen out of grace with drivers; in fact, they’ve only grown more versatile and complex. In many incidents, the very tools designed to assist drivers and help prevent crashes are responsible for causing them. Car accident attorneys in Bellingham help pick up the pieces after the fact.


Food and beverages may not cause quite the same level of distraction as children and audiovisual features, but they’re issues nonetheless. Drinks tip over. Reaching out to catch them only takes a split second, but that instant is more than enough to keep a driver from reacting promptly to an unexpected hazard. Feeling around in a bag for those last few fries or scraping a pickle off the steering wheel can have the same effect.

Every driver is guilty of succumbing to distraction from time to time. Many have had more than a few close calls as a result. In far too many cases, though, even the most minimal diversion has dire consequences. If you or a loved one has fallen victim to one of these situations, contact the Allen Law Firm for help. Find us on Facebook!

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