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In Illinois, family law attorneys manage a multitude of cases presenting varying life events that could affect families. They start with proceedings before a marriage and range up to preparation for tragic possibilities. Below is a list of possible cases and procedures provided through DeKalb attorneys.

Prenuptial Agreements and Arrangements

Prenuptial agreements are created prior to the marriage. It provides provisions based on circumstances that could arise during the marriage. This includes provisions in the event that either party is unfaithful. It may also include provisions that define how property and assets are divided if a divorce happens. Child custody assignments and support are also addressed in these agreements. An attorney must officiate the agreement and witness each party signing it. The terms of these agreements are often used for the divorce agreement.

Divorce Cases and Alimony

In divorce cases, the attorney creates an agreement based on their client’s preferences. The terms are assessed to determine if they are fair and reasonable for both parties. Select divorce cases involve the award of temporary and lifelong alimony arrangements. The possibility of these assignments is reviewed according to the duration of the marriage and the earning capacity of both parties.

Child Custody and Support

Child custody and support are managed through divorce cases and separate hearings. Custody is determined according to which parent can provide the most stable home environment for the child. Both parents can share custody as well. These assignments are based on trying to provide equal time for each parent. Support assignments are based on income and other requirements.

Guardianship and Adoption

Guardianships are also managed by these attorneys. The guardianship assignment could relate to the provisions of a will if the biological parents die before the child becomes an adult. They can also relate to children and adults who are incapacitated or otherwise at risk. Adoptions for minor children or family members and parents who cannot conceive are managed through family law, too.

In Illinois, family law encompasses cases that pertain to families and events that affect these families. This includes divorce, adoption, and child custody. Families that need to start a case should contact DeKalb attorneys or visit  for more information now.

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