Chapter 7 Lawyers in Fall River, MA Explain the Bankruptcy Process

Chapter 7 Lawyers in Fall River, MA Explain the Bankruptcy Process

Do you need to see Chapter 7 lawyers in Fall River, MA about filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy? If so, you need to review some of the steps and requirements first before setting an appointment with a nearby law office. Doing so will give you a clearer understanding of this form of debt relief when you do speak to a lawyer.

Who to Contact about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Advice

Some of the Chapter 7 lawyers that can provide you with counsel and advice are at the Law Offices of Tara M. George, PC. By knowing which one of the chapter 7 lawyers to call, you can feel more confident about discussing this matter in depth.

Preparing for a Filing

Before you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case at a legal firm close to you, bankruptcy lawyers state that you should first gather your financial records. These records include statements from credit card companies, loan paperwork, and paystubs. You need this information so that chapter 7 lawyers can help you fill out the bankruptcy petition and the schedules that list the assets and liabilities.

Filing the Paperwork

When you file for bankruptcy, you must share your financial information freely with the bankruptcy court. Documents should list all of your assets, creditors, debts, income, and expenses. Once the documents for filing are completed, they are filed with the clerk of the court after you pay a filing fee.

Taking a Means Test

Chapter 7 lawyers add that a debtor must pass a means test before a filing can be made. This test is given to see if the filer has the capacity to pay some part of his or her debts. If you fail this test, you are only allowed to file for Chapter 7 under special circumstances. The alternative is to file for a Chapter 13 repayment plan instead. Also, debtors who file for bankruptcy must take a financial management course. This is required before you can receive a discharge for your debts. Click here for more information.

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