Child-Support Attorneys in Mankato, MN Can Help Clients Terminate Child Support

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Child support is defined as payments from a noncustodial parent to the parent with custody to provide care and financial support to a child, and they usually cover medical, housing, food and education costs among other expenses. Every jurisdiction has a different model, but three are common: income share, percentage and Melson Formula models. Child support can be paid to a divorced, unmarried, step or adoptive parent. Grandparents can also receive child support from biological parents.

Terminating Child Support

A parent’s child-support obligation ends when the child reaches the state’s age of majority (typically 18 or 21 years of age). If a child enlists in the military or is adopted, the biological parents are no longer obligated to pay support. Emancipated minors, those who pass away, and those who live with their parents cannot receive child support payments. Once a motion is made and it is approved by the court, support is terminated. Conditions are clear and cases move through the system quickly.

Opting for Modification over Termination

Parents may request a child-support modification due to changed life circumstances. Common reasons for modification include income or job loss, changed marital status, or injury on the part of the noncustodial parent. A modification can raise or lower payments, and a judge must approve it.

Terminating Child Support Based on Perceived Unfairness

Stopping child support payments without court approval can be risky and it could lead to legal troubles. If one believes that they are paying an unfair amount of child support, they should consult child-support attorneys in Mankato, MN and consider a modification. The court will consider all factors when deciding whether to allow a paying parent to reduce payments. All decisions made by the court are made in the best interests of the child.

Terminating Child Support Because the Other Parent Withholds Visitation

Custody and child support are separate issues, and withholding payments because of withheld visitation is another risky move. A parent who fails to pay support can face steep legal sanctions, which is why they should visit to consult child-support attorneys in Mankato, MN before ending child-support payments for any reason.

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