Common Mistakes When Trying to Negotiate a Settlement After a Car Accident in Terre Haute, IN

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Lawyers

After a car accident in Terre Haute, IN leaves someone with injuries, expensive medical bills, lost time from work and emotional trauma, this person may also wind up dealing with frustration because of the insurance company. The insurer may offer a very low settlement. Unfortunately, accident victims often make mistakes that result in a low settlement and ongoing financial problems.

One mistake that many individuals make is trying to negotiate with an insurance company without skilled legal representation. It can be very difficult to convince an insurer to pay more than what they originally offered unless the person knows what the case is worth and knows how to effectively present the demand for a higher amount. Anyone dealing with this type of situation can contact McGlone Law for a free consultation and the opportunity to obtain more reasonable financial compensation.

It’s also best to only consent to interviews with insurance company representatives with a lawyer present. An injury attorney knows which questions commonly trip people up and cause them problems in acquiring a better settlement. Those representatives are trained to encourage injured persons to talk about their circumstances. They may act as though they are providing a sympathetic soundboard, which can result in the claimant saying more than he or she should. For instance, the injured person might admit to having back pain before the accident and then explain that now the back pain occurs more frequently or got worse. But the confession of having prior back pain can easily undermine the claim.

When someone is recovering from a car accident in Terre Haute, IN and is trying to get financial compensation, they must be very careful about social media. If insurance company investigators find pictures of this individual engaging in some athletic activity, partying or engaging in some other active behavior, that also can undermine the case. It makes it look as though the person is lying about continuing to recover from an injury. Yet, many people suffer from back pain and can still go for a short bike ride now and then. Until a settlement is agreed upon, however, it’s best not to do anything that could interfere with negotiations.

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