Creating a Plan with a Living Wills Attorney in Chico, CA

Creating a Plan with a Living Wills Attorney in Chico, CA

California residents should evaluate the advantages of health care directives. These documents identify the individual’s wishes if they are facing life-threatening conditions. The directive states whether or not the individual wants lifesaving treatment such as life support. A living wills attorney in Chico, CA provides this guidance for medical staff and families.

Creating a Health Care Plan

When estate owners start the planning process, they have the opportunity to create a health care plan. These plans identify an individual who will make decisions about the estate owner’s health when they lack the mental capacity to make sound choices. The plan also identifies what doctor they want to provide this care and whether or not they want to be placed in a nursing home if they develop conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

What Is a Living Will?

A living will specify what treatments the individual wants if their life is endangered, whether or not they want to be resuscitated if they flat-line, and if they want to be placed on life support if they fall into a coma. The living will also give them the opportunity to appoint a health care proxy to make these decisions for them.

Appointing a Health Care Proxy

To appoint a health care proxy, the individual grants a power of attorney another. In most cases, the individual chooses someone who makes decisions in the same manner that they would in dire situations. This proxy could be a family member or anyone of their choosing. The individual could change this assignment at any time.

If they choose the same individual to manage their health care, they could give them a power of attorney to manage their estate. This gives the individual limited access to their assets to cover their expenses.

California residents have access to planning services to manage their estate. These services allow them to set up a health care plan through which they make their own decisions about their health and whether or not they wish to receive lifesaving treatment. Anyone who wishes to create a plan should contact a living wills attorney in Chico, CA through the Law Office of Raoul J. LeClerc today.

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