Deerfield Family Lawyers Help You Understand Changes to Illinois Law

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Lawyers

Far from a static thing, Illinois state law is alive. It changes and evolves to meet the needs of the state’s residents. However, those changes often fly under the radar, and can take you by surprise when you encounter them. This is particularly true in the area of family law, but Deerfield family lawyers can help you understand changes to those laws, and how they impact you. What changes should you know about?


There are three major areas of change in Illinois family law, thanks to Senate Bill 57. One of those is the removal of all but one ground for divorce. Today, the only ground for divorce in the state is an irretrievable breakdown, which replaced irreconcilable differences. This also does away with the need to live apart for six months before divorcing.

Child Custody

Another major change has to do with child custody. In fact, you’ll find that custody is no longer part of the law. Instead, the court will focus on ensuring adequate parenting time between both spouses (where applicable, of course). The court now also has the authority to allocate parental responsibility in many different areas.

Division of Property

Property division is another area where changes have occurred, and you will find that Deerfield family lawyers can help you to understand those changes. Essentially, state courts are now required to document and support their decisions regarding property division with factual evidence. This applies to monetary awards, as well.

The Challenge with Moving

Finally, you’ll find that relocation has been addressed by changes to Illinois family law. Previously, relocation was not of particular importance. However, today, that has changed. Senate Bill 57 Bill 57 introduced the rule that parents can move up to 25 or 50 miles from the other spouse and their child, depending on the county where the custodial spouse lives. If you want to move farther away than that, you will need to apply for permission from the court to do so.

Are you facing divorce? If so, Deerfield family lawyers at the law offices of Michael C. Craven can help you understand the changes to family law, how they impact your situation, and even help you chart a course forward. We invite you to contact us today to schedule a consultation regarding your situation.

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