Determining if Divorce Is the Next Step with Legal Separation Attorneys in Phoenixville, PA

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Lawyers

Pennsylvania couples who aren’t sure if they want a divorce have another choice. A legal separation provides them with the same benefits of divorce without dissolving their marriage completely. It is a more beneficial choice when they need to determine whether they are headed for divorce or if they want to give their marriage another try. Legal separation attorneys in Phoenixville, PA, could give these couples the chance to evaluate their marriage from a distance.

Creating an Amicable Agreement

The legal separation agreement gives the couple similar rights as a divorce would. They cannot harass each other and should live separate lives. The grounds for the separation must fall in line with available grounds for divorce. Essentially, a legal separation is the closest a couple can be to divorce without ending the marriage completely.

The couple continues to acquire coverage under a family health care plan. They maintain the same rights as they have since becoming married. This means that they can use the marital property, have access to certain assets, and find a solution for child custody and support. The difference is that they are separate from each other and have the right to pursue other relationships.

Addressing Property Division

A legal separation could allow the couple to determine property division before a divorce. This protects their rights to live in a certain property without harassment or negativity from each other. The agreements allow them to secure assets that they owned before the marriage. It also presents them with the chance to identify assets and properties they want now, instead of waiting to fight over it during a divorce. The same property division choices are carried over into a divorce.

Deciding Child Custody and Support

Child custody and support are determined through the separation agreement. The couple uses the agreement to make these distinctions now. However, if they file for a divorce, this aspect could be modified or changed.

Pennsylvania couples use legal separations to make a final decision about their marriage. They use this time to determine if a divorce is in their future. Couples that need to file for this arrangement should contact legal separation attorneys in Phoenixville, PA, or visit this website for more information.

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