Divorce Statistics in Chicago

Chicago is an ever-evolving city with countless generations and cultures living inside and outside of its borders. When it comes to marriages and divorces, Cook County has some of the most interesting statistics around. While the rate of divorces in Chicago is declining currently, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the rate of marriage is growing. It’s an ever-interesting trend that bears deeper research.

The best divorce lawyers in Chicago are those who can analyze the current divorce statistics to understand their clients on a much more intimate level. Check out some of the divorce and family law statistics from Chicago and the surrounding areas of Cook County.

  • Number of Citizens in Cook County vs. Number of Divorces

The most recent recorded census showed a Cook County population of nearly 5,200,000. The number continues to rise, although official records have not confirmed a hard consensus number.

Being the largest county in the state of Illinois, Cook County is home to a huge number of citizens. The divorce rates are recorded at about 10,712 at the same time as the census, which accounts for a little under 5% of the population of the county.

  • Chicago-Specific Divorce Statistics

Funnily enough, Chicago has always had a history of extremely high divorce rates in the nation. 150 years ago, an article was written to show how high Chicago’s divorce rates had been.

And the current rates are certainly along the same lines. The city itself still has a huge number of divorces based on the number of people living in the city.

The statistics are extremely similar to those of Cook County proper; with a population of 5.2 million, there were 10,500 divorces in one year, which is a pretty high rate when compared with other states.

Fortunately, those numbers do show a slight decrease in percentage over the years, giving hope that perhaps Chicago is not home to the highest divorces around.

  • Find the Settlement You Need with the Best Divorce Lawyers in Chicago

The best divorce lawyers in Chicago can deliver the information and statistics you need to help you get on track with your divorce. If you are thinking about separating from a partner, or you need help negotiating custody or visitation terms, you can rely on a friendly team of professional lawyers to get the job done right. By getting in contact with Divorce Lawyers Chicago, you will become equipped with the tools and materials you need to understand how divorce works in the city.

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