Dog Attack Topics Can Be Addressed By A Personal Injury Lawyer In Orange County CA

Dog attack cases could lead to serious injuries. The events are often caused by a failure to comply with city ordinances and local laws. Pet owners are required by law to mitigate common conditions that lead to dog attacks. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Orange County CA provides legal assistance for victims of dog attacks.

Who has the Right to Enter the Property?

Visitors who have the permission of the property owner are allowed to enter the property. Utility workers who must enter the exterior of the property as a part of their job duties may walk around the property as needed. Police have the right to enter a private residence with a warrant or probable cause.

In a dog attack case hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Orange County can help you. Trespassing, home invasions, and any other unlawful entry forfeit the victim’s rights to compensation. Any case involving animal abuse or cruelty leads to criminal charges against the so-called victim and prevents the individuals from seeking a civil award.

Why are Strict Liabilities Useful?

If the dog was involved in previous attacks, the pet owners are aware of the risks and potential dangers to others. A repeat attack defines a failure to protect the public by maintaining control over the dog. For this reason, pet owners are required to pay additional awards due to the increased risk of an attack. All information about previous attacks is available through the county animal control officer’s office.

Failures to Vaccinate

It is unlawful for dog owners to fail to obtain at least rabies vaccinations for their pets. The vaccination prevents the transmission of the rabies virus, which can be fatal for both animals and humans. If the owner didn’t vaccinate the animal, the animal control officer issues a quarantine for the pet.

In Orange County CA, dog attacks are the result of a failure to maintain control over the dog. City ordinances are enforced within the city limits and require the owner to use leashes at any time that their dog is outside the home. Outdoor enclosures also mitigate risks associated with dog attacks. Victims of a dog attack are encouraged to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Orange County CA at the ALL Trial Lawyers for more info now.

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