Facing an Eviction in San Francisco? A Lawyer Can Help

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Lawyers

Housing is difficult in California, and San Francisco stands as one of the most expensive areas in the nation. Various laws protect tenants from malicious acts from landlords, who sometimes try to evict residents so they can charge more to future residents. Fortunately, there are venues lawyers can take to help their clients keep their homes. Here are a few reasons why hiring a lawyer is so important if you’re facing eviction.

Stay in Your Home

Although the housing market is expensive in San Francisco, an illegal eviction lawyer can often slow down the eviction process. Tenants have substantial rights in the state and in the city itself, but landlords often fail to disclose this information when they’re trying to evict a tenant. Speak with your lawyer to find out how you can stay in your home while your eviction makes it way through the court system.

Void Evictions

The legal process in San Francisco provides several venues for having an eviction dismissed, and misconduct on behalf of the landlord can let tenants keep their homes permanently. Laws, however, are complex, and it takes expertise to convince a judge to rule in a tenant’s favor. With an illegal eviction lawyer in San Francisco, you can improve your odds of a favorable outcome.

Handle Landlord Violations

Landlords have a number of responsibilities to tenants. In some cases, negligence means they end up owing their tenants services or even money. Some acts are malicious in nature; landlords sometimes fail to treat tenants legally as a means of pressuring them to move out. Speaking with a San Francisco illegal eviction lawyer lets you track your history with a landlord to find out if your landlord violated any laws or rules.

Eviction is stressful, and many people think there’s little recourse if they’ve been served. Fortunately, San Francisco has some of the most tenant-friendly rules in the nation, and people facing eviction generally have more options available than they think.

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