Facts About Notary Service in Kaufman TX

Facts About Notary Service in Kaufman TX

Many people may have heard the term “notary public” but they may not know exactly what that entails. A notary public is somebody who is authorized by the government to witness the signing of important documents. However, there are some “facts” about them which are actually not facts at all. Read on to find out more about Notary Service in Kaufman TX.

Q: Can anyone be a notary public?

A: While there are few restrictions on who may become a notary public, there are a few minimum requirements which must be met. A person can have no criminal record, they must be at least 18 years of age, and they must be a legal resident of the state they plan on being a notary in.

Q: Is a notary public allowed to deny anyone service?

A: While they certainly cannot deny service because of such things as race or religion, they are allowed to deny their notary service if they suspect fraud is taking place, if they cannot positively confirm the identity of the signer, and if they feel the signer is doing so under a state of duress.

Q: Can a notary can charge anything they want in regards to fees?

A: Actually, the fees a Notary Service in Kaufman TX is allowed to charge is set forth by the state in which they do business. These fees will also vary state by state. There is an exception in regards to a traveling notary. These types of notaries are allowed to charge extra fees for the travel expense and these fees are not subject to state regulation.

Q: Is a notary public a good way of getting advice for important documents?

A: Actually, a notary is not allowed to offer any sort of legal advice to anybody. This is actually a law. The only exception to this rule is if the notary also happened to be a lawyer.

There are many times a bail bondsman is also a notary public. Contact a reputable bondsman service such as AAA Bail Bonds and ask about the notary services they offer. They may be of help when the client needs it.

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