Family Attorneys in Temecula Set Up Legal Separation Agreements for Couples in No Hurry to Divorce

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Lawyers

A married couple that is separating but is in no hurry to divorce usually still needs family attorneys in Temecula to draft and file legal separation documents with the court. This actually can be very important when the couple expects to stay married for quite some time yet. They should have a legal arrangement regarding mutual debt, mutual assets, health insurance, and other considerations.

No Interest in Remarrying

Family attorneys in Temecula may have had other clients in this type of situation, as long separations have become increasingly common. The couple may have been married for decades, and neither has any interest in remarrying even though they don’t want to live together anymore. The lack of interest in remarriage is the main component in not bothering with divorce. They see no reason to split tangled and substantial assets if doing so could cause both of them a significant inconvenience.

Difficulty Splitting Assets

For instance, a couple that has been running a large farm for a long time may find it impossible to divide up this asset without having to sell the place. Another couple can own a house together, but neither could afford to buy out the other’s equity. They don’t want to disrupt the children’s lives, so they work out a legal separation and continue owning this property together.

A Friendly Separation

In many instances, spouses are still quite friendly. They continue attending family gatherings and work parties together. It can be baffling at first to their relatives, friends and co-workers, but most people eventually get on board with the idea. They have set up a legal separation agreement through a firm like the Law Office of Michelle Penna, and now they go on with their lives. Anyone considering this type of lifestyle may browse the website to find contact information.

In the Long Run

Sometimes the couple manages to sort through their differences, and they get back together after a legal separation. In most cases, however, they stay separated or eventually divorce when circumstances change. They decide to sell the house once all the kids are out on their own. One spouse might finally meet someone new and change their mind about getting married again. Click here to find out more about the Law Office of Michelle Penna.

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