Family Law Impacts More Than You Realize

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Lawyers

At the Law Office of Fedor Kozlov, P.C., family lawyers serving Hoffman Estates and the surrounding area, we firmly believe that family law attorneys must be subject-area experts in topics that fall outside of the typical family law arena.  Every single day, family law attorneys help their clients make decisions that impact them financially, might expose them to civil or criminal liability, can impact child custody issues, impact taxation and tax liability, and have other long-ranging impacts that go far afield of the general family law designation.  Therefore, in order to be a great family law attorney, a family law specialist has to be willing to become experts in other types of law.

What are reasons that people seek the services of a family law attorney?  While people come to us for assistance with adoptions, guardianship’s, and other lesser-known family law issues, the most common reasons that people seek out our services are probably for issues related to divorce or child custody cases.  Though divorce and custody cases are common, it is critical to realize that they are not necessarily easy.  There are implications to almost every decision made in the course of a divorce.  For example, something as simple as the equity division in a home or dividing assets in a retirement account can have major tax implications and it is critical that your attorney understand those implications when advising you about your options. Even more important is the fact that many divorce-or-custody related decisions can have criminal consequences.  For example, if you are accused of domestic violence or child abuse, you may believe that agreeing to a settlement in an underlying divorce or child custody case is the fastest way to make those allegations disappear.  However, agreeing in a civil case that you have committed an act of domestic violence or child abuse can have serious criminal consequences.  That is why all of our attorneys look beyond the family law consequences of any action to examine other ways it could impact your life, so that you can make fully-informed decisions about your future.

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