Family Law Lawyers in Springboro OH Help Divorcing Parents With Custody and Visitation Issues

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Family Lawyer

Family Law Lawyers in Springboro OH help spouses come to an agreement on child custody issues during a contentious divorce. When a marriage breakdown is acrimonious, the spouses tend to have more difficulty agreeing on various divorce-related matters. It’s essential that they commit to doing what’s best for their children. That can mean each spouse taking an objective look at the situation rather than only making the decisions based on emotion.

Family courts have recognized the importance of both parents being fully involved in a child’s life. They are reluctant to grant sole legal custody to one parent even if one parent has primary physical custody. Judges want to see both parents involved in all important decisions affecting the youngsters. When children live with one parent full-time, the other parent should be granted generous visitation. If the ex-spouses no longer live in the same area, that visitation can take the form of virtual visits online and regular phone contact.

Family Law Lawyers in Springboro OH can help parents create a shared custody schedule if they are having trouble managing this on their own. They might be arguing about which parent will spend time with the kids on birthdays or on certain holidays, for example. They might disagree about weekends. Sessions with an impartial mediator can be the key to more effective communication between the two individuals. They’ll recognize areas where they can compromise and will also be encouraged to consider what the children would prefer.

The same types of issues might affect a couple planning on one parent having primary physical custody and the other having weekend visitation in a different town. Depending on the age of the children, they might not want to spend so much time in the other town away from their friends. The noncustodial parent must be careful not to be too demanding in these situations while still maintaining a fulfilling relationship with the youngsters.

Each parent will have a separate attorney for legal representation in these matters. One might choose a firm such as Thorson-Switala-Mondock-Snead. The separate lawyers are necessary for protecting the rights of their clients and preventing conflicts of interest. Click here for more details on this particular law firm.

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