FAQs About This Process Addressed by Adoption Attorneys in Temecula

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Lawyers

In California, the adoption process can present couples who can’t conceive a child with the opportunity to become a parent. The legal process, however, requires several steps to complete and must follow all associated laws completely. The following are FAQs about this process addressed by adoptions attorneys in Temecula.

What Are the First Steps for Adoption?

The couple must file an application for adoption through their preferred adoption agency or through the court directly. If the birth parent is involved in the process, they can meet with the adoptive parents and make a decision about whether or not they feel these parents are appropriate. Next, the petitioner for adoption is filled once the couple has the birth parent’s approval.

Why Are Both Parents Notified?

Whether the father is involved with the child or not, the state requires notification through service of the public about the upcoming adoption. If the birth mother isn’t aware of the father’s identity, the court may waive this process. The reason that this process is necessary is to provide the father with his rights to take possession of the child and stop the adoption.

Why Are the Parental Rights Terminated?

The parental rights are terminated to prevent future legal issues. Once the parent terminates their parental rights, they cannot reinstate these rights in the future in most cases. However, if the birth parent was unable to provide consent through the influence of drugs or alcohol, they can fight against the adoption in the future and have the adoption overturned.

Can the Birth Parent Seek Visitation?

The birth parent can only seek visitation if they include this requirement in the adoption. If they don’t petition to acquire visitation initially, the court can prevent them from contacting the adoptive parents altogether.

In California, adoption can provide a couple with a child of their own. The process enables them to find children through an adoption agency or orphanage and file a petition. However, the proceedings must be completed as outlined in local laws. Couples who need to speak to adoptions attorneys in Temecula can contact the law office of Michelle Penna or browse the website for more details.

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