Fight Surging Crash Statistics with an Accident Lawyer in Bowie

Thousands of people are killed in accidents each year across the United States with numerous others injured as a result of crashes. In truth, almost all the injuries, losses of life and property damage expenses involved in these incidents are preventable. Most are the result of carelessness in one form or another. With an accident lawyer in Bowie, it’s possible to hold the right people accountable for their carelessness.

Why Are There So Many Accidents?

Countless traffic safety reports point out the number of accidents has spiked over the last several decades. Many insist this increase is simply due to more people taking to the nation’s roadways than ever before. Though this is certainly a contributing factor, it’s not the only one by far. Dozens of elements play into the uptick, but some stand out from the rest.

  • Distractions: Not all that long ago, speed and alcohol were the primary causes of crashes and their resulting devastation. Times have changed. Today, driver distractions have taken the lead. With at least one mobile device in the hands of virtually every modern-day driver and ample audiovisual equipment now gracing vehicles’ interiors, plenty of diversions are drawing people’s attention away from the road.
  • Lack of Knowledge: For quite some time now, people have been required to demonstrate a certain level of knowledge of the rules of the road and safety regulations before being granted the privilege of driving. Unfortunately, far too many gather just enough information to pass the written and hands-on tests only to forget what they learned shortly thereafter. Because of this, countless drivers just have too little understanding of proper protocol behind the wheel, and they become a threat to themselves and others.
  • Equipment Failure: An accident lawyer in Bowie or anywhere else in the nation can easily see equipment failure plays a role in hundreds of thousands of crashes each year. In some cases, shoddy manufacturing is the issue. Other times, lack of maintenance enters the picture. Either way, this has become a significant factor in vehicle accidents.

From ignorance to intentional oversights, America’s accident statistics are surging. These figures aren’t likely to take a turn in the right direction any time soon; in fact, they’re expected to remain on the rise. If you’ve experienced the problem firsthand, contact Jaklitsch Law Group for help.

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