Get Help from Truck Accident Lawyers in Lake City, FL

Trucking accidents are up 20% since the 1990s. Anyone involved in one of these accidents knows how serious they can be. Indeed, a car-truck collision can be deadly because of the size difference of the vehicles. Victims of these accidents need to consult truck accident lawyers in Lake City, FL.

Find Out Who Is at Fault

Truck accident lawyers in Lake City, FL can solve the liability puzzle. Trucking regulations are complicated and there are frequently multiple liable parties. For instance, the truck’s driver and owner can be liable. Further, the truck’s manufacturer may be to blame for equipment failures. Likewise, the company that loaded the truck could be at fault.

Drivers Are Often to Blame

A large percentage of trucking accidents are caused by driver error. Unfortunately, there are those who will try to cheat if money is at stake. Many drivers ignore laws requiring them to rest between loads. Instead, they want to deliver the load on time at all costs. A recent study shows the main causes of driver error are a lack of sleep and overall fatigue.

Equipment Failure Is Always Possible

Truck carriers need to maintain large fleets of vehicles. This does not stop individuals from taking shortcuts. For example, carriers often fail to inspect trucks on a regular basis. The downside of this bad practice includes faulty brakes and tires. Indeed, carriers are definitely at fault if bad equipment leads to an accident.

How to Avoid a Collision

Here are a few helpful tips to avoid a truck collision. First, forget about speeding up to keep a truck out of your lane. The truck driver may not see the car, and you will be hit anyway. In addition, speeding to beat a truck often results in the driver losing control. Additionally, move over to the next lane if a truck is entering the highway from an off-ramp.

Drivers should avoid getting sandwiched between a group of trucks. It is hard to see what is ahead when surrounded by tall trucks. Further, the smaller vehicle would be at a disadvantage if a truck had brake problems or shredding tires. Concerned accident victims should visit

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