Give Yourself the Best Chance at Driver’s License Reinstatement

An Illinois driver’s license can be suspended for any one of about 40 reasons. The suspension might be as a result of a DUI, too many moving violations, parking tickets or even child support arrearages. Even more serious than a suspension is a revocation. A revocation might result from anything like excessive moving violations to one or more DUI convictions. It’s far more difficult to legally get on the road again on with revocation as opposed to a suspension.

Increase Your Chances for Reinstatement

With some suspensions, you might not even need the services of an attorney for purposes of getting reinstated. For more serious suspensions and all revocations, it is strongly recommended that you retain a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who knows exactly what needs to be done in your particular case for driver’s license reinstatement hearingin Illinois.

You Have the Burden of Proof

In order to have your Illinois driver’s license reinstated after a revocation, you’re required to wait until such time as you are eligible to seek a hearing with the Secretary of State. Clear and convincing evidence must be presented at the hearing that you have affirmatively resolved the issues that triggered your revocation. Individuals who represent themselves in these hearings don’t understand the burden of proof that must be overcome or the evidence necessary to prevail in a hearing. We know what evidence needs to be presented, how it must be presented and what you must testify to in order to have the best chance at being reinstated.

You’re likely to have questions about license reinstatement in Illinois, so contact us at Johnson & Goldrich by calling 312-795-1801 to arrange for a consultation and case evaluation. Give yourself the benefit of the best chance at having your driver’s license reinstated by retaining us to represent you at your Secretary of State hearing.

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