Hire A Divorce Attorney In Green Bay WI To Protect Your Interests

It would be nice to go through a divorce and have both parties agree to everything. Unfortunately, divorce proceedings are not usually friendly. Couples fight over everything from the forks in the kitchen to the money in a 401K. An individual needs to protect their interests and their peace of mind by hiring a Divorce Attorney in Green Bay WI.

Understanding A Client’s Goals

A divorce attorney needs to take the time to understand what a client’s goals are and what they want from the divorce. Although the reasons for the divorce might seem important to a client, unless there has domestic violence or extenuating circumstances, a client should keep focused on the divorce process. An individual will have to make tough decisions about how assets, bills, and various items will be distributed.


When there are children from the relationship, the parents will have to decide whom the children will live with and whether one or both parents will have a say in a child’s development. The custody of the children will have to be determined before a divorce can be finalized.

Legal Separation

If a couple no longer wants to live together and receive a court order that identifies child custody, support, or property, a couple can file for a legal separation. A legal separation and a divorce are similar. A court has to determine that the marriage is broken and a marriage must be irretrievably broken.

A couple can be legally separated if they disagree with divorce on moral or religious grounds. A legal separation can be eliminated if the couple decides to heal their marriage and move back in together.

Peace Of Mind

A Divorce Attorney in Green Bay WI can explain how the court will view a variety of situations and will provide an individual with options so a client makes an educated legal decision. Decisions made during a divorce can affect an individual’s life for years to come. The attorney will help a client achieve their goals and receive the best outcome possible.

If you are facing a divorce or family law matter, it is important to contact an experienced attorney for a consultation. For more information, please visit us website.

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