Hiring A Disability Attorney Can Help You Get Approval For Benefits

If you believe you suffer from a disability that impairs your ability to work you should consider hiring a Social Security lawyer. It has been proved time and time again that the chances of having your application accepted are greater when you have a lawyer help you. There are a number of good reasons why this is so, a few of them are as follows:

Understanding the evidence:

The most important component in any disability application is the inclusion of the right medical evidence from the beginning. In many cases the individual attempting to apply does not know exactly what the Administration are looking for, therefore they are bound to either provide too much redundant information or not enough of the information and evidence that they require.

A Social Security attorney Evanston does not have this problem; he or she will know how to develop the evidence that is needed to support the claim. Once you have an attorney, the material that you have will be studied in detail, the attorney will know if further tests should be run or more detailed medical records are needed. The attorney will gather up everything that is needed and submit to the SSA on behalf of the client. By the same token, the attorney will make sure that the application is not burdened with unnecessary information that will only confuse the issue.


It is important that you have a statement of support from your physician; your attorney knows this is vital if you are to be approved for benefits. There are doctors that are reluctant to work directly with the applicant, it is not that the doctor does not want to help the patient, he or she is usually far too busy to fill out the forms.

Doctors and attorneys are both professionals, they understand each other’s time constraints and are more liable to deal with one of their own. The attorney can quickly and efficiently address any questions the doctor might have making the doctor more likely to respond and cooperate.

The hearing process:

A Social Security attorney Evanston is well seasoned when it comes to the appeals process, he or she will have gone through this many times in the past. This constant expose gives the attorney a unique slant on the process; they know exactly how to deal with it to ensure it goes smoothly.

In the majority of cases the attorney will know the Administrative Law Judge that will hear the appeal, this is important as every judge likes to conduct hearings in a specific manner and the attorney knows what, if any, biases the judge might have towards any specific conditions.

Having a Social Security attorney in Evanston by your side cannot be stressed enough. If you are physically or mentally disabled and want to apply for disability benefits please get in touch with The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown or you can visit their website rabinsslaw.com.

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