How To Avoid Penalties With A Traffic Ticket Attorney In Jefferson County, MO

In Missouri, drivers receive traffic violations for failing to comply with local traffic laws. However, in some cases, these violations were necessary to prevent unnecessary circumstances. Drivers who believe they were accused unjustly have the opportunity to challenge these citations. A Traffic Ticket Attorney in Jefferson County MO presents the drivers with how to avoid penalties based on the circumstances.

Mistake of Fact

A mistake of fact indicates that the officer didn’t use equipment to verify that the driver was speeding. They came to the conclusion that the driver was speeding if they appear to be traveling faster than other drivers. However, if the officer doesn’t have readings from the correct equipment to support these allegations, the speeding ticket is dismissed.

Legally Justified Traffic Violations

Legally justified traffic violations indicate that the violation was necessary to prevent avoidable circumstances. This may include swerving into other lanes without signaling to avoid a collision. It could also include navigating slightly off the road to avoid hitting an animal in the roadway. If the reason for the violation was to prevent greater harm, the driver isn’t penalized through the citation.

Challenging the Officer’s Perspective

In cases of a DUI, officers are allowed to use their own perspective when making the arrest. However, these cases require the driver to have a blood alcohol content reading of at least 0.08 percent to be guilty of the infraction. The officer must acquire a breathalyzer reading or a blood test to support their assumptions. If they didn’t acquire the evidence, the charges are most likely dropped due to a lack of support.

Issues with Visibility

Road signs must be visible at all times. If shrubs or other plants are blocking these signs, an officer cannot acquire support for a speeding ticket. If the driver can show evidence of these issues, the ticket is dismissed due to a lack of knowledge about these requirements.

In Missouri, drivers acquire traffic citations when they are presumed guilty of violations. However, certain circumstances could prevent the drivers from receiving penalties. Drivers who are facing these violations hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Jefferson County MO to build a defense by Visit the website today.

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