How to choose a prison consultant

How to choose a prison consultant

Going to prison comes with a myriad of emotions specially when its Florida federal prisons. You aren’t sure what to expect, how to behave, or how you will cope with the changes. Hiring a prison consultant will help you navigate this, but you won’t get the value you seek if you aren’t careful. So, what signs should you look out for when hiring a prison consultant?

They have walked the journey

You want to work with someone who knows what they are talking about, especially if they have walked the same journey. Such a consultant will know what you should expect in prison, give sound advice on how to survive, keep a low profile, and have a bearable stay.

They have a process

To be successful at anything, you must have the right skills and follow the right processes. The same goes for a prison consultant. They should have a proven, time tested process they follow when preparing you for incarceration. Ask the prison consultant to share their literature, videos, outcomes, checklist, and books with you. If they have none of these, be wary.

They don’t sell fear

Prison may seem like a hell-hole, but that doesn’t mean you won’t survive. In fact, the opposite is true so refrain from working with a consultant who brands themselves as the only person who can teach you how to survive prison. It’s an excellent skill to have, but this isn’t the only thing you will be looking at. Anyone who is trying to instill the ‘fear-of-god’ in you should be avoided.

Refrain from making guarantees

A prison consultant may do their job and teach you how to prepare for life in Florida federal prisons, but they can’t guarantee you will apply what you learn. Like consultants who sell fear, be wary of those who make guarantees.

A good consultant will help you prepare for life before and in prison, but they will also help with life after prison. Choose a consultant who covers all bases.

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