How To Deal With A Denial Of Your Social Security Disability Claim

You might think that after paying into Social Security for years that benefits would not be hard to get should you become disabled. Unfortunately, just the opposite is true, less than one third of those that claim disability benefits are approved. There are numerous reasons why you were denied benefits, perhaps you earn too much or your disability is not expected to last at least 12 months which is the minimum time frame.

Although you no doubt will be disappointed, being denied benefits is not the end of it, it is only the beginning of the next phase which is to lodge an appeal in an effort to get the initial ruling overturned. Winning benefits on appeal is not easy but chances are far better when you enlist the assistance of an experienced Social Security lawyer in Michigan.

The appeals process:

If your initial claim is denied you will be so informed, if you decide that it is in your best interest to appeal, you have sixty days in which to do it. The initial stage is simply a request that the Administration review your initial claim. Your claim will not be reviewed by the same people but even at that, only about five percent of denials are overturned at this stage.

The next stage is a hearing in the presence of an administrative law judge. By the time your appeal reaches the hearing stage you are well advised to have hired a Social Security lawyer in Michigan to assist you in preparing for the hearing.

Hearings are held within a reasonable distance from your home, this makes it quite convenient for you and your lawyer to attend. You will be given an opportunity to answer the questions posed by the administrative law judge, your lawyer will also be given an opportunity to ask questions and discuss your case. Approximately two thirds of denials are overturned at this stage.

If you fail to have your claim approved at this stage your Social Security lawyer in Michigan can ask the Appeals Council to review your case and the decisions made previously.

If you suffer a disability you have the right to claim benefits from Social Security. If your claim is denied you should hire a seasoned Social Security lawyer in Michigan to assist with your appeal. You are invited to contact

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