How to File a Dog Bite Claim

It’s an excellent idea to go into a dog bite injury law suit with reasonable expectations. Dog bite claims might fail if the canine never has bitten anyone before nor has shown any vicious tendencies. If you provoked the pooch by hitting him or just teasing him, there’s a good chance that the claim will fail. Also, it’s vital that you ensure that you’re able to show actual damages, like the necessity for medical care, because your claim can just result in financial gain if the damages are able to be shown. Generally, if the bite didn’t lead to any injuries that are medically visible, it might not be worth your effort to file a dog bite claim.

When to contact a lawyer

When you’ve decided that your case has a reasonable opportunity at success, the next measure includes contacting our McHenry Dog Bite Injury Attorneys. Some personal injury attorneys might create entire offices committed to this kind of injury, yet that does not necessarily mean they’re the best attorney for the job. Prior to selecting an attorney, be certain to research his success rate and reputation. If you already have an attorney, she or he might have the ability to file a dog bit claim on your behalf.

Document everything to make your claim

It is important that you document everything when filing a dog bite claim. You have to be certain to give our McHenry Dog Bite Injury Attorneys all available proof of all injuries. It usually is the attorney’s duty to gather details in regard to prior incidents which involve the dog, which she or he might obtain from animal control or the police. Usually, the attorney will call the dog owner’s insurance, too. Laws that concern dog bites differ by jurisdiction; therefore an attorney who is knowledgeable in local dog bite laws is crucial.

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