Identifying Potential Violations With Labor Law Attorneys In Northampton, MA

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Lawyers

Massachusetts employers must follow the law when hiring workers and compensating them for the hours they work. These employers are required to provide adequate breaks and rest periods. They are also required by law to maintain insurance coverage for these workers in the event of an accident. Labor Law Attorneys Northampton MA help workers who suffered after a labor law violation performed by their employers.

Altering Time Sheets to Eliminate Overtime Wages

All time sheets must be completed by the employee. These records are produced manually or electronically based on the system used by the employer. Under federal labor laws, the employer may not alter or modify these records to eliminate overtime wages. By law, the employer must provide compensation that equates to at least time and a half time for each hour worked beyond the standard forty-hour work week. If they change records to avoid paying the additional wages, they are in violation of the law and the worker has the right to report them and file a claim against them.

A Failure to Provide Breaks and Rest Periods

According to federal labor laws, all workers who work at least an eight-hour shift are entitled to a one-hour lunch break and at least two fifteen-minute breaks. The employer must provide these workers with relief to allow for these rest periods. These rest periods are used however the worker chooses. They are required to prevent potential risks associated with exhaustion or hunger. Any employer that fails to provide these rest periods is in violation of federal labor laws and could face penalties.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance Violations

Worker’s compensation insurance is required for any business that employs workers. The coverage pays for the medical expenses of workers who sustain injuries on the job. The employer must acquire coverage for all workers even if they are relatives of the owner. Click here for more details about the professional labor law attorneys In Northampton, MA.

Massachusetts employers are required to follow all labor laws as outlined by the U.S. government. These labor laws are enforced to protect workers from manipulative or unethical employers. Workers who need to report a violation should contact Labor Law Attorneys Northampton MA by visiting us website for more information about these cases.

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