Injury Attorneys Represent Clients Seriously Hurt in Trucking Accidents in Waldorf

A report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration discusses the top three types of incidents that result in serious large truck accidents. Those three types of incidents account for more than 80 percent of serious accidents. The reasons behind the events are not always clear, but Trucking Accidents in Waldorf often are the result of fatigued drivers, and those rushing to make a delivery or pickup on time.

Most Common Incidents

The most frequent problem is when a driver runs off the road or into an adjacent lane. Another common incident is hitting the vehicle in front, commonly called a rear-end collision. The third type of incident discussed in this report is a loss of control of the truck, which can be caused by several factors. Traveling too fast for the weather or road conditions is one example. A shifting of the load that was not secured properly can cause the driver to lose control. The trailer and truck might tip over or jackknife.

More Serious Consequences

Accidents involving big rigs are much less common than those among passenger vehicles. There are fewer of these large vehicles on the roads at any given time, and truckers are professionals who have mastered a high level of driving skills. Unfortunately, Trucking Accidents in Waldorf and elsewhere in the nation typically have much more serious consequences because of the sheer size and weight of the rig and its cargo.

Problems for Drivers

Despite their training and skill level, some aspects of driving these vehicles cause problems for certain drivers. They may not have been fully trained in managing a very heavy load in tight curves and turns, for example. In addition, accidents are relatively common in which the truck driver took a turn too sharply or not tightly enough. Most rollover incidents happen on curved highway ramps.

Assessing Responsibility

Trying to assess responsibility in these incidents can be difficult. The accident may have been primarily the fault of the truck driver, the employer, or another worker who was supposed to secure the load. Injured persons usually need legal representation by an organization such as Jaklitsch Law Group to make sure they receive all the financial compensation they deserve.

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