Interviewing A Criminal Appeal Lawyer

Interviewing A Criminal Appeal Lawyer

Once an individual has been charged with a crime through the court, there are still options to consider. Working with appellate lawyers to examine all the aspects of the case is important, as it may be possible to file a 3.850 motion or to choose another option to appeal the conviction.

Many people assume that all appeal lawyers are the same. This is simply not the case, with specialized law firms like Halscott Megaro offering highly experienced, specialized lawyers that only handle these types of cases. When going through an appeal, having the most experienced attorney as your legal representative is a crucial factor in a successful appeal.

The First Meeting

The first meeting with any appellate lawyers should be seen as part of an interview process. This is a time for the attorney to hear the basics of the case and to formulate an understanding of the possibility for a 3.850 motion or the option to consider appellate mediation. It is also a time to review the appeals process, allowing the client to understand the attorney’s perspective on how to proceed with the appeal.

This is the time for the client to ask questions of the attorney. These questions should focus in on the lawyer’s professional expertise in the appeals process, as well as the experience with cases similar to that facing the client.

The more experience an attorney has in the federal appeals court; the better represented the client is throughout the process. As appeals cases are very different from the trial court process, specialized appeals attorneys are necessary to provide the legal representation required.

It is possible to talk to more than one attorney about an appeal. In fact, it is often recommended to ensure the attorney selected is the best suited to these types of complicated appeals.

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