Managing an Accident Case with a Wrongful Death Attorney in Whidbey Island, WA

In Washington, auto accidents can lead to fatalities under certain circumstances. It is these circumstances that could indicate whether or not the fatality is classified as wrongful or accidental. It is also the actions of the at-fault driver that define their liability. The following is information about how these cases are managed through a wrongful death attorney in Whidbey Island, WA.

What Is a Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death is a fatality that wasn’t due to natural causes. It occurred due to someone else’s actions or some form of negligence. The circumstances of the accident define the exact cause of the death. This shows that the defendant’s actions or failures lead to the victim’s death.

How Was the Defendant Liable for the Victim’s Death?

Common circumstances in an auto accident that identify a wrongful death often equate to an impairment. Drivers who were under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the accident in these instances. This choice to drive while under the influence indicates their liability. If the driver is convicted of a DUI, there is a higher probability that they will be deemed at fault in the civil case.

Defining an Avoidable Circumstance

Under these conditions, the driver could have prevented the fatality if they didn’t drive while under the influence. The claim could show a liability based on this choice. However, the attorney must show that the choice wasn’t associated with duress, fleeing an attacker, or any reason that could stop a conviction.

Possible Awards for Families

The family receives payment for all their expenses associated with this fatality. This includes medical treatment and funeral expenses. The court could also require lifetime wages that the victim could have accumulated. These wages are based on the total wages they earned through their current job. Their potential life expectancy is also a factor that is applied to these calculations.

In Washington, auto accidents can lead to fatalities when the at-fault driver is under the influence. These conditions could indicate a liability based on their conscious choice to drive while impaired. Families that need an appointment with a wrongful death attorney in Whidbey Island, WA can contact Allen Law Firm for more information.

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