Milwaukee, Wisconsin Attorneys Help Victims of Defective Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicle manufacturers have a responsibility to create safe products for their clients. If they fail to do this and their negligence leads to their clients being harmed, they are responsible for the harm their products cause.

If a person is injured because the airbag of their vehicle did not inflate, their car battery caught on fire, or the autopilot got stuck, then a motor vehicle defect lawyer in Milwaukee, WI, may be able to provide assistance. In worst case scenarios, motor vehicle defects can be fatal. A failed part on a car can lead to catastrophic accidents or injuries that otherwise would not have been suffered.

When a person hires a motor vehicle defect lawyer in Milwaukee, WI, they are looking for someone who can help them maximize the compensation they receive for their injuries and suffering. One way an attorney may achieve this goal is by interacting with experts who are able to provide expert testimony regarding the part of the automobile that failed. In some instances, a law firm may actually purchase the model of car that was involved in the accident, have professionals rebuild the vehicle using higher safety standards, and then perform a crash test in order to show the difference in safety when a vehicle is properly manufactured.

There are a number of liability laws that come into play in motor vehicle defect cases. The law office of Phillips, Cymerman & Stein has more information about the cases they handle at their website at:

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